THC Vape Oil & Starter Kit Deluxe For Sale

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Our THC vape oil and cannabis oil vaping starter Kit comes with 8mls (2x 4ml) of flavored Cannabis THC vape oil for sale ($160.00 value) as well as 1gm of Pure Cannabis Oil ($50.00 value) in a non-stick silicon jar. We’ve put this kit together to include everything you need to get started vaping your THC medicines. This deluxe starter kit is very cost effective as it includes 8mls of our liquid THC vape oil. The $160 value included effectively makes this vape kit carry a $20 cost to the client. Some clients have in fact bought a second or third kit as spares for this very reason. This kit also includes separate tips for atomizing your Pure Rick Simpson Cannabis THC Oil for Vaping. The 2 included Kanger mini-ProTank3 are for eliquid THC ejuice, such as our delicious Grape Liquid marijuana THC Vaping Oil.



Cannabis THC Vape Oil/ THC eJuice Starter Kit

Buy THC Vape oil for sale and cannabis stater kit with Kanger Tech EVOD battery is a great starter kit for vaping marijuana oil or shatter wax weed dabs. It comes complete with everything you need to start vaping out of the box. We include a 900mAh battery for long lasting on-the-go vaping.

THC Oil for Vape Pen For Sale

This deluxe kit comes with 5 different tips, one for dry herb, 2 for our Cannabis Oil Concentrates, and we also include 2 Kanger MiniProtank3 Clearomizers for use with delicious liquid marijuana THC e-Liquid. This way you’ll have 2 mini ProTank3 one for each of your two flavor choices included. Just under screw the tip and try your other flavor. Then in the evening swap out the THC e-Juice tanks for the M7 atomizer or your M6 atomizer and enjoy our smooth cannabis oil also included with this deluxe kit.

THC Vape Oil For Sale Online

Our flavored liquid THC eJuice is by far the most convenient and stealthy way to medicate, just click and puff. no need to break out the baggie, papers, scissors, grinder, stink up the room, locate a working lighter, etc.

What’s in the kit?

1 x Battery: 900mAh evod battery
1 x Ago G5 Dry herb atomizer:
1 x M7 Oil/Wax vaporizer atomizer
2 x Kanger MiniProtank3 Clearomizers
1 x M6 Globe atomizer
2 x 4ml of our THC e liquid (choose your flavors)
1gm Pure Cannabis Concentrate Oil
Zipper Case
USB Charger


Technology Lithium-ion (Li-ion)

Easy one button operation with 5 quick clicks to power on/off
Avg. Charging Time :1.5 Hours – 4 Hours
Avg. Puffs Per Charge :400 – 1100 Puffs
Avg. Puffs Per 1.5ml refill 300-400 Puffs

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  1. Romeo J

    This kit is the perfect starter because it has everything to start vaping and the price is affordable.

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