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West Coast Cannabis Reviews | Westcoastcannabis.biz Reviews THC Oil For Sale Online Canada, Kush For Sale Online, Buy Cannabis Oil Online, CBD Oil, Wax Weed, Shatter Dabs For Sale, 420 Mail OrderWeed For Sale, Buy Marijuana Online USA

West Coast Cannabis Medical Marijuana Dispensary Reviews. Westcoastcannabis.biz Reviews Buy Legal Marijuana Online | Buy Real Cheap Weed For Sale | THC Oil For Sale THC Oil For Sale Online Canada, Kush For Sale Online, Buy Cannabis Oil Online, CBD Oil, Wax Weed, Shatter Dabs For Sale, 420 Mail OrderWeed For Sale, Buy Marijuana Online USA

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West Coast Cannabis Reviews

[testimonial_outer][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”5 stars all around for WCC! After buying some edibles at a dispensary in UK a few months ago, I was dying to get more but live too far away. After searching for the products I was looking for, I found this amazing website. It has everything and more of what I’m looking for. The descriptions of all the product is very helpful in deciding what to buy, especially with some of the strains of bud that I’m unfamiliar with.

I’ve had the pleasure of talking to one of the girls on the phone a couple of times. Customer service is 100% on point with this company! Always friendly and happy to help. When doing up an order, I’m confident that I’ll receive my package in a timely matter and if there are ever any issues, I know I would be notified immediately. I’ve dealt with other online companies like this one, and I’ll just say that they seriously need to step it up if they want to even come close to WCC.

Thanks for being my trusty cannabis store! Keep it up :)” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Placed my first order in on Fri and to my amazement the pkg was here Mon morning for me (in LA) have used these Pure Puff vape pens in the past and work fantastically, haven’t tried the CBD1:1 yet but will be in my next order…..thanks again to OWO will be my go to place.” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Service à la clientèle super.Expédition rapide.Ils répondent dans les heures qui suivent pour répondre à vos questions.
Je conseille à tous de faire appel à eux.Evaluation 5 étoiles” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfour” description=”I’m so pleased with this website and the service. Always super fast (received in less than a week all three times!), and I love trying the different strands. SO much better than anything else for pain management. Discrete packaging, no scent when received.” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”stwo” description=”My sativa vape pen did not get me high after multiple rips and Im quite disappointed ;z” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”very good customer service , now let see how the product when i receive my delivery.” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”You guys are awesome. Will keep ordering!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Thanks once again! Awesome products and service” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”I ordered some hash from here and it came in 4 days! I live on a small island so this was great! also great discreet and smell proof packaging. I hope can use this website when it becomes legal.
Thanks guys!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfour” description=”My mobility is limited because of MS, but with your great and quick service to get me the CBD I need, I have zero issues. Thanks again!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”From coast to coast in 5 days. Thanks for packaging so well and getting it out the door quickly. Arrived today and vacuumed sealed too. Such a great experience. Will definitely order again. Thanks!!!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfour” description=”Second order now and we are so pleased. If you have a question about their products, they are quick to answer your question and provide “medication and education“. Quick and secure shipping. You guys are my heros.” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”This isn’t a fake message or a payed one. WCC Dispensary cares about their patients and makes sure we are satisfied! If you want weed these guys are your people!!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Ordered from here twice now, both times extremely consistent service and quality! Fast delivery and response times. HIGHLY recommend!!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner description=”Highly recommend!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Hello!
Second transaction (21096) with WCC and once again extremely satisfied.
The way they pack their products for shipping is simply outstanding.
Good products, fast delivery, and quick response to our questions,
Continue the good work.
Have a good day,
Cheers from Montreal ❤️” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfour” description=”WCC has been amazing! They have great edible gummies and olive oil. It has certainly changed my life!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”The relief salve has saved my hands! It’s the best thing I’ve found for my eczema!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”It is getting very hard to consistently obtain the twisted extracts jelly bombs in London, Ontario….(The Raspberry and Black Cherry ZZZ Bombs THE BEST)….. WCC to the rescue. Customer Service is amazing and the whole process is FAST, Efficient and well done. Ordered Friday and here Monday morning. Don’t forget to check out the AMAZING daily deals. We are very happy new customers here.” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sthree” description=”Good oil, gets me nice and high just after a few hit, but the pen is not great. Usually keep it in my cupboard at home, but decided to take it out to go see a movie. When my gf and I pulled it out of her purse to take a hit the bottom of the tank had separated. Now it’s back in the cupboard taped together. Still works, but pretty unimpressed when the quality of the pen.” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Excellent products, fast delivery (discreet and odorless), service and communications extremely efficient.
What more can you ask for!
Long live WCC.
Cheers from London, UK.” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Amazing producs, been visiting CannaClinic in Vancouver, moved to AB, Now using WCC.
Hate to order on Thursdays coz I get it on Monday.
If we can get order next day. Would be awesome” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”The best mail order website around!! These guys are fast, friendly, reliable, and hassle-free! Im loving some of the new products, the Cannables medi-blocks are the best, so tasty and the high is so good! This company is a force to be reckoned with!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”This is the fastest service. Product is very consistent. ???” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Great and fast service!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”WCC provides consistently great product, fast delivery and amazing customer service. I always suggest this website to my cannabis friendly pals” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Caring and professional – a hard combo to find these days. Keep up the good work, guys!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Great products, fast professional service.
Will buy again soon.” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”It’s my third time and it’s always good. Package does not smell and product is good and the delivery comes in about 3 to 4 days where I live. Thank you!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Always great and quick. Would like to see more edibles, butters. Cannagars, cigars etc” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Great quality products, fast shipping in discreet packaging, 2 or 3 days to small Quebec town. Will continue to purchase with this outfit.” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”As a new customer, i am very pleased with the products .an very fast responds for orders..OUTSTANDING service..looking forward trying new products… keep up the great work..an very friendly to talk to when i first inquired.” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Had a little glitch on this last order, however I emailed about it & lo & behold your lovely person happily sorted it out for me, I understand the order has been shipped.
Thank for your quick response” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Awesome people and awesome products and very fast shipping, by far best place to order from by far!!!!!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”A friend recommended WCC so I placed my order and it arrived in 3 days , Very pleased and product review’s to follow” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Impressed with: the quality of products; the price; the daily deals; the customer service; the fast shipping; the way the items are packaged (and carefully packaged. Be forewarned – if you are sensitive to fragrances, a highly-fragranced sheet is included in the package, I assume if you ask for an alternative/ask for it to be removed that’d be ok.. not sure); the ease of ordering; the user-friendly website.
:” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”I’ve been ordering from here for a good while now. They’ve always answered and questions I needed to ask and also recommended a few things for me to try, and they didn’t disappoint. I have already recommended this site to a good handful of friends. :)” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF no more weird random meet ups or sketchy dispensaries.
they rock that discreet packaging.
we order from Florida and it never takes longer than 4 business days (which is pretty great considering US post is not the greatest).
Customer service is always friendly and super cool. Love what they do.” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”This company’s customer service is always on top of of their game. They reply to your questions ASAP! Also, very patient!
I really do appreciate their great customer service not to mention their selection of products!!
Keep it up WCC” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”I saw all the great reviews I thought it must be some type of joke. I was wrong, I decided to try it and order and got my package in literally 1 day. Great service! Will definitely be purchasing more.” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”I have ordered stuff online from a few different sources now – WCC is by far the best. Fast service / shipping. If you need to call, they are always very helpful and friendly on the phone. And their edibles work just great.” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”I too was a skeptic. But I decided to what the hell it and place an order on Tuesday. Two days later the product was in my mailbox. 10/10 would do it again!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Excellent selection of products. Numerous items to choose from. Some products very hard to come by. Products are of very high quality. Fast delivery time!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Quick with the delivery, discreet, and did I mention they’re hella quick with that delivery y’all ??? I know it makes me, and a lot of other customers incredibly happy. If you’re feeling hesitant about ordering weed on the internet (understandably so) go with these guys!! You’re guaranteed great kush, great service and it’ll get to you in no time!. You’re not gonna regret it! Thanks guys:)” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”This is my second review, I felt compelled to write again about the absolute top quality product and service of WCC. Simply put; it’s perfect.” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”A great example of excellent customer service. My order details were prompt and delivered as promised within 4 days. Product quality is fantastic. Just placed my second order. Will absolutely continue to order from this site. If you’re looking for good quality product and professional attention to detail then look no further. Look forward to trying some new things in the near future! Thanks again guys!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”At first, I couldn’t believe in all those positive reviews about this store. It just didn’t sound right, like how could everything be so perfect? So, I decided to give a chance and, surprisingly, it turned out that they are exactly what others said! I know this sounds cheesy, but I ordered on Thursday night and got my package on Monday, no headaches at all. My order came exactly as I requested. It also came in 3 level package. First, packed in a sealed bag, then wrapped in a bubble package with a fabric sheet, and, finally, put into the mailing envelope. To sum up, I’m very happy and highly recommend WCC.” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”I can’t figure out how I can place an order from Toronto at 4:45 in the afternoon and receive my order on Monday morning by 9:00 A.M. wow, JUST AMAZING FAST service. Not not only ROCK, you also ROll. (literally)
Thanks for going above and beyond. This is now my favourite place to shop! Keep up the great work!!! :)))” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Nice selection. Love the Pure Pulls product. Amazing fast delivery and the site is well done and easy to navigate.

I wish they carried medical grade CBD drops or oil.” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Ordered late on a Thursday after work and recieved exactly what I ordered the following Tues. and I live in Ontario! Great service, selection and price. HIGHLY RECCOMEND TO ANYONE! I will be using this from now on! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”There’s really no other choice if you want the best herb, concentrates and edibles with a straightforward easy to use website and tracking number to put your mind at ease you’re in the right place!!!! Love you guys!!

you’re at the right place” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Absolutely the most amazing product I’ve ever smoked. Ordering and delivery is super easy and prompt. Definitely will be a preferred customer ❤️” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”I honestly love this site. You guys are fast and I have never had a problem with any of my purchases. Will continue to order o this site. Keep it up guys. 10/10 I do recommend.” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”I just received my very first delivery. Extremely fast delivery and it was packaged by real professionals. Can’t wait to try these products. I will be placing more orders from here again soon. Keep up the amazing work!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Friendly staff. High quality products as well as a wide range
of products to choose from.

Orders are processed promptly and always arrive within
a few days.

Been a regular customer for a number of months and
feel no need to shop anywhere else” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Every product was high quality and just as described. Shipping was very fast within USA and customer service was incredibly helpful. I will definitely purchase from here again” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Everything about W.C.C is awesome
from ordering to delivery!
Will definitely be back!
Thanks again!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Shipping was quick, got the pre pack valentines day package, boyfriend loved it, was a big part of making the greatest valentine and now Im buying one of the flavours i was sent with the pack because I LOVED it. Great site, great service” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Very friendly staffs and excellent customer service. The Jelly and Zzz bombs are the best!!! All my friends can’t get enough of them. Orders arrive in a very neat and safe pkg. Arrives in a few days after ordering. Will definitely recommend !!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Order arrived in less than 2 days. Everything was included and is exactly how it appears on the website. Super impressed and will order again!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”I was told about this site by the dispensary that I drive 45 minutes to.. I’m extremely impressed by the selection on the site, the quality of products, but also the speediness of delivery – my package arrived in ONE day! Thanks for providing such a stellar service!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”I have been using this place regularly for years, as I am disabled and not always feeling well enough to go wait in line at a dispensary. My only issue would be with ordering flowers, as the vacuum sealing makes quite a bit of resin stay stuck onto the plastic, but that is no real fault of the service at all” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Absolutely love ordering off this site. Customer service responds quickly and are very helpful. My orders are always processed and shipped quickly. Product is fantastic. Zero complaints. The only thing that would make this site even better would be a points or rewards system.” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”I always get quality product. Have never had any issues! Love the accuracy of the tracker!!! So glad i came across this place. Keep it up!” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”I have dealt with this company for 3 yrs and they have treated very well always get my order in timeley fashon the quality is superb and the staff knowledgeable and friendly I would highly recommend them.” title=”Anonymous”][testimonial_inner rating=”sfive” description=”Honest company. Declined my faulty etansfer, and let me know :)” title=”Anonymous”][/testimonial_outer][maxshop_contactform id=”1285″ sc_title=”Creat Your Own Buy Real Weed Online Review”]

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