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1/8 Grape/Skittles Moon Rock for sale for $30 at West Coast Cannabis Company

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Smoking Skittles MoonRock medical marijuana strain will mean that you’re inhaling up to 51.2 percent high thc levels  in every hit. That means that a single puff of Moon Rocks Marijuana would be enough to send a casual stoner sky high — and that experienced stoners wouldn’t even be able to finish off a whole blunt.

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Skittles Moon rocks weed for sale with CBD moon rocks are CBD hemp flowers drenched in CBD oil and dusted with terpene rich kief. They are doubly potent and offer an almost instantaneous hit when consumed. Checkout our legal online weed shop for more medical Cannabis products.

Weed tags: buy moon rock weeds online buy weed skittle moon rock online cannabis buds. Even the rapper Kurupt loves our girl scout weed strain when used to make his customized rocks weed sku n a categories. At WCC we also have Moonrock thc oil for sale online. Moon Rocks Buds  are a THC megazord—they’re essentially cannabis buds (historically GSC, but any strain suffices) dipped in or sprayed with hash oil, then rolled in Cannabis Oil. We also have RSO gummy bears

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