Frequently Asked Questions

How to order marijuana weed cannabis online

How Can I Order Cannabis Online?

  1. Visit the “Products” page and review our products by clickiFrequently Asked Questionsng the product title
  2. Hover over a product and select “ADD TO CART” or “SELECT OPTIONS” to choose the weight/flavour of the product if needed; then “ADD TO CART”.
  3. Click the “CART” or “VIEW CART” when you are done and review your order.
  4. Click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” when ready.
  5. Review your billing details, shipping details and order details.
  6. Before placing your order. You need to read and accept our terms & conditions.
  7. Choose “PLACE ORDER” when you are done; if your purchase fails, you may need to setup an ACCOUNT before you can order products.
  8. Send your payment and make sure it was processed. We will then process and ship your order discretely.

Can I Order Outside USA,Canada,EU, AUS?

  1. Sorry, we only ship to USA,Canada,EU, AUS addresses.

Is there a minimum order?

  1. We do not have a minimum order, however orders less than $150 will be charged a flat rate of $20 for shipping.

I have not received my invoice, what should i do?

  1. Double check your email was inputted correctly then check your junk folder.

Refunds or exchange?

  1. All consumable purchases are final, no refunds or exchanges. Non-consumable related issues will be looked at case by case.

I have not receive my tracking number.

  1. Once you have made an order and the payment has been processed, your package will be sent out for delivery. Orders placed before 1PM PST, typically will be sent out same day, orders placed after 1PM PST will be sent the following day. Once Shipping Carrier has scanned the package, we will provide you with your tracking in an email.

Is my signature required upon delivery?

  1. Signature is not required, however if you wish to do so, we are not held liable once your tracking shows “Delivered”.

Lost packages.

  1. West Coast Cannabis is not held liable for lost packages in the EU Territories, etc due to a high theft rate.

Parcel did not arrive.

  • If your package does not arrive by expected Shipping Carrier stated delivery date, contact us through email
  • We will then file an trace with Shipping Carrier in an attempt to locate your package
  • Once a trace has been filed it may take anywhere up to 5 business days, if the trace is successful the package will be enroute to you. However if the package cannot be located, we will send you a 1x replacement of up to $500.
  • We cannot issue refunds due to the lateness of the package as that is solely due to Shipping Carrier and is not within our control.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages once Shipping Carrier marks the tracking “Delivered”.

How i pay with bitcoin?

  1. During checkout, please select the Bitcoin Payment option.
  2. Follow the instructions on the next screen. You have to send the exact amount (transaction fee not included) or else our system won’t match it with your order. We need the exact amount. Once the amount is sent, click the “Click here if you have already sent Bitcoins” button.
  3. Verification can take between 30mins – 3 hours.
  4. Once verification is complete, your order will be converted to processing and you will get an email.
  5. Once its shipped, you will get another email with your tracking number.

How much is charged for taxes?

  1. Taxes are already included in our prices!

Shipping cost.

  1. Orders over $150 qualify for free shipping, otherwise shipping charges have a flat rate of $20.00.