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Tangie Bubble Hash was dark gold in color with a brown tint to it – this is usually indicative of residual plant matter left in the hash. Tangie Hash consistency was like large size granules of sand; this batch appears to have been sieved for drying purposes (as opposed to micro-planed or freeze dried). We prefer smaller size granules for better drying. Tangie Bubble Hash itself was dry and did not grease up when stored at room temperature indicating the lack of trichome heads and/or terpenes. An inspection with a jeweler’s loupe confirms the presence of plant material and also shows that the sample is comprised of a significant amount of trichome stalks, in addition to some heads and plant matter. It is likely that this material came from a second or third wash – or was just heavily agitated during extraction. After being pressed out, the sample appeared brown and chalky with plant material visible to naked eye.

Tangie Hash Flavor

The taste was similar to the smell with mild citrus notes, indicating a presence of limonene terpenes. Given that the sample was comprised of less trichome heads (and more stalks and plant matter), it is not surprising that the flavor was mild (as terpenes are stored in the trichome heads). The flavor was refreshing with a hint of citrus, but no orange or tangerine taste like one may expect from the smell. Given the prevalence of plant material in this sample, it was expected that the end of the dab tasted like burnt plant matter after dabbing on a nail.This sample was pressed out before being dabbed on a titanium nail. The smooth smoke suggested that the hash had been adequately dried prior to being sold. The Tangie hash for sale was not very melty – it only produced a few bubbles before producing brown and black char on the nail. Given how much plant matter remained on the nail after dabbing, we would recommend using this sample as rosin material or to top bowls/rolls (as opposed to dabbing).

The effects were relatively mild as far as bubble hash goes. Although the sample didn’t state the starting material used, it was likely derived from dry trim given the more mild potency and flavor. The effects can be felt immediately in the head with a classic behind the eye sativa buzz. This cut of Tangie hash was a sativa hybrid with a gentle tingling sensation that could be felt throughout the body in addition to the head. The sample induced a very functional high that is perfect for remaining productive and relatively clear-headed. While we are not medical professionals, we believe this product would be great for those seeking to motivate themselves throughout the day to stay productive and uplifted.

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